Family Care Plan

Protect those who mean most to you.

Protect Your Family

Call us today, and we’ll analyze your insurance needs and get you protected. We analyze each family individually because everyone’s needs and wants are different. Life Insurance is not on anyone’s mind until there is a death to someone close to you. Prevent leaving your family with a financial burden after you pass away.

Ask us about Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Rent Protection, Funeral Protection, Child Riders, Head Start Child Insurance, Guaranteed Insurability Option, and much more!

Family Care Plan

Call us today, and we’ll analyze your needs and get your family protected.

Our Other Benefits

Free Child Safety Kit

Every year over 400,000 children are reported missing. Have you ever had a frightening experience of looking away from your child for one moment, and then when you look back, you can’t find them? Most of the time they are close by, but what if they weren’t?

These Free Child Safety Kits were created for this reason. In the event your child goes missing, you are able to start an amber alert with a click of a button.

Free Will Kit

A Will is the primary document for transferring your assets upon your death. This way, you will be able to decide who inherits which assets and when they should receive them.

Will Kits can cost upwards of $500+, but we offer our kit at no cost to you. Don’t wait, get one today.